Our Lawn Care System

As an organic lawn care leader in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, Purelawn continues to research and use the safest and most innovative lawn care products. Purelawn’s lawn treatments are based on natural and organic materials, most of which are food-grade and contain no manures. Cheaper chemical lawn programs by our competition use pure synthetic fertilizers that only promote rapid, unsustainable, and artificial growth. While this looks good at first, it actually weakens the grass and roots. Purelawn feeds your lawn a healthy diet of plant nutrients.

Purelawn vs Competition 2014

Strong plants are more resistant to problems, and are less dependent on chemicals. Don’t give your lawn steroids when all it needs is a balanced diet of natural nutrients from PureLawn. Your lawn and wallet will thank you.

Proud member of the Ohio Lawn Care Association


If you are looking for a high quality organic lawn care service in Columbus, Akron, or Cleveland then we recommend Good Nature.  Tell the Owner, Alec, that PureLawn sent you.

We believe PureLawn is better for pets and are glad when we find pet owners and pet companies who agree. We’d like to thank Robyn’s Nest Rescue for giving us our new phone number 937 – PURELAWN (787-3529). If you are looking to adopt a pet or are able to take in a foster pet, we recommend contacting her.

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