Spring Green Up Tips – The Organic Turf Experts PureLawn

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It is actually snowing outside while I type this.  I don’t know what that groundhog saw in February, but I would place a bet he didn’t see this!  It is tough to think about Spring, but spring green up is right around the corner with the organic turf experts at PureLawn.  Here are a couple spring green up tips from The Organic Turf Experts PureLawn. 

Spring Green Up Tips – The Organic Turf Experts PureLawn

1)  Feed Your Lawn - That annoying orange-haired guy with the fake Scottish accent you have been hearing on the radio and seeing on TV is correct…It is time to feed your lawn.  He isn’t an organic turf expert or born in Europe, but the message he is conveying is correct.  Lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton will benefit from an early spring green up application of organic fertilizer.  We are applying Corn Gluten Meal and a premergent plus fertilizer right now.  Both of these treatments will help push your lawn out of Winter Dormancy and turn that tan grass greener quicker.  Don’t put too much nitrogen down though (the first number on the bag).  You can actually bring on lawn disease problems later in the Summer by putting down too much fertilizer in the Spring.  Most of your fertilizer should be put down in the Fall according to The Ohio State Turfgrass Research Department.  A good bag of fertilizer for the spring green up would be a bag of fertilizer with 9%-19% of Nitrogen (remember the first number on the bag).  Put it down according to the label.  If you plan on putting down Corn Gluten Meal this has an analysis of 9-0-0.  Corn Gluten Meal provides a wonderful spring green up plus works as a natural premergent.

2)  Aerate Your Lawn -There is a reason golf courses do this twice per year.  It works!  We have high clay soils in Cincinnati and Dayton that compact very easily.  When you get a compacted soil you run into more weed, insect, disease, thatch, and drought stress problems.  The fertilizer being applied by you or your lawn company will find its way down to the grass roots better if you aerate your lawn.  When a lawn is too compact you may be wasting your money and time putting down fertilizer.  It won’t reach the roots and be taken up by the grass as easily.  This means it could likely end up in the storm drains, which is not what anyone wants.

Make sure you are aerating the lawn properly and at the right time.  There are some companies offering Free Lawn Aerations.  This sounds great, but make sure it is done properly.  If these companies are aerating improperly or at the wrong time it can do more harm than good.  Core aerate the lawn when the turf and roots are growing.  We usually core aerate the lawn in April-May and Sept-October.  Make sure the soil isn’t too saturated or you can push soil around with the aerating machine.  Core aerate the lawn and DO NOT spike or roll the lawn.  Pull plugs from the soil with an aerator.  Do NOT use a spiking machine or those silly aerating shoes you bought out of the Sky Mall magazine back in 1994.  Rolling your lawn will not improve the bumpiness of your soil and only contributes to the compaction like your spiking shoes.

3)  Enjoy Your Lawn - Spring is the time to enjoy your lawn with the family.  Turn off Amish Mafia and Housewives of Atlanta, open that back door up, and inhale the wonderful scent of cut grass and burgers grilling.  Enjoy your PureLawn!  Enjoy it!



Cincinnati Spring Lawn Tips on Amy’s Table Q102

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Thank you Amy Tobin for allowing me to be on the radio show Amy’s Table on Q102 in Cincinnati.  Hopefully your listeners enjoyed our Cincinnati Spring Lawn Tips.

Here is the list of Spring Lawn Tips and the interview on Amy Tobin’s weekly radio show on Q102.


Spring Clean Up

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There is the possibility that the temperature will break 50 degrees today.  As Homer Simpson would say, “Woohoo!”.  The snow should melt and I would venture to guess no one is sad to see that.  In Dayton and Cincinnati, it is time for Spring Clean Up…and maybe a little golf.  Here are a few tips to make your Spring Clean Up successful:

1)  Pick up Winter debris – All those tree limbs, leaves, and debris from the Winter that are scattered all over the lawn and mulch beds need to be picked up.  If you have kids or grandkids, I heard they will do this for candy, money, or Facebook stock.  I would sell short on the stock though.  Getting all that debris up will clear the way for the rest of the tips.

2)  Rake Matted Grass – Again children are highly motivated by corn fructose syrup, so first see if they will help.  Take a leaf rake and lightly “fluff” the matted down grass.  Dayton and Cincinnati lawns will have a little snow mold fungus from the snow laying on top of the grass for such an extended period of time.  This fungus will be all over in the Dayton and Cincinnati area this Spring.  The good news is that it usually does not kill grass.  The bad news is children get bored quickly if the Mountain Dew source has run dry, so you may have to do some “fluffing” yourself.  This “fluffing” and patience will help grow the snow mold out.  By fluffing the grass you are allowing it to breath and this will help it recover quicker.

3)  Spring Spot Seeding – If you plan on doing any Spring Spot Seeding I would suggest small areas and leave the bigger projects for the Fall when we do 90% of our Seedings.  You will get much better results for your money in the Fall.  Also if you wait until the Fall to seed, you can put down a crabgrass barrier this Spring to help reduce the amount of crabgrass that pops up in the Summer.  Whether you are applying a chemical premergent or Corn Gluten Meal, it will help the effectiveness to get it down by the end of April.  This treatment is time sensitive and is based on soil temperatures.  DO NOT put down a chemical premergent or Corn Gluten Meal in areas you plan on spot seeding.  These treatments will inhibit new grass from germinating.  Work the soil with a metal rake, rent a slice seeder (children will have to sit this one out), or better yet hire us to do the seeding.  After the soil  is worked up, sprinkle some seed in the area, work the soil a little more to mix the seed into the soil, and then make sure you stay on top of the watering.  Water 1-2 times per day, for 10 minutes each time, for the next 3 weeks if it doesn’t rain.  If you put straw, compost, or peat moss down as a cover make sure you do not put a thick layer down.  This will suffocate the new grass coming in.  Scatter the straw (not hay) thinly, put down 1/4 inch of compost, or get a thin layer of peat moss to cover the area with.  This is optional.  If you water correctly you really do not need any of these.

4)  Mow Low for the First Couple Mowings – You DO NOT want to scalp the lawn…ever.  If you dropped your mower down to 2 inches for the Late Fall, which you should do, your mower is set at the proper height.  Mow your lawn a couple times at the lower setting, but then start to gradually increase the height to 3-4 inches for the Late Spring-Early Fall.  Mow the lawn often too.  These mowings may not be cutting much grass, but will excite the grass and have it growing sooner.  You will have a quicker Spring green up with horizontal growth.  Who doesn’t want a greener thicker lawn?  Call us at PureLawn this Spring for a FREE LAWN ANALSIS!



6% Prepay Discount – Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns

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Through the middle of March, PureLawn is offering a 6% Prepay Discount to all of its Cincinnati and Dayton customers.  This also includes all our current and new customers in Loveland, Mason, West Chester, Milford, Batavia, Centerville, Beavercreek, and Springboro.  We sent out a prepay letter in the mail detailing your customized lawn program for the upcoming 2014 season.  If you plan on prepaying please send in the bottom tear off stub with your credit card information or check.

When is the 1st Lawn Treatment?

The 1st Lawn Treatment will be done sometime in March through April.  The next treatment you will receive will be 6-8 weeks from the previous one.

What is the 1st Lawn Treatment?

In the Bridge Program, the first lawn treatment is a Premergent Crabgrass Reducer Barrier + Fertilizer.  This provides spring green up and a protection against crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds.

In the PureGreen Program, the first lawn treatment is our Corn Gluten Meal application.  This provides the lawn with the organic turf nutrients for spring green up plus the added bonus of a natural premergent barrier.


If you put down Winter Seed or plan on doing a Spring Seeding – Make sure to notify us.  We will not be able to put down our regular premergent applications or it will effect your seeding.  We suggest that you perform your seedings in the Fall when we do 90% of our seedings.  You will see much better results for your time and money in September.


See you in March-April.  If you do not want to prepay we will leave an invoice in your mailbox or door.




West Chester Lawn Service – PureLawn

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I am excited to announce that PureLawn will now be servicing The West Chester area in 2014. We have wanted to service The West Chester area for a couple years now, but did not want to expand too quickly. In the past, we were worried expanding too fast would cause the quality of our service to drop below our high standards. Chad, The Cincinnati Branch Manager, and myself are now confident that this expansion will be seamless and the quality of our service will be high like usual. If you live in West Chester, mention this blog post and receive a FREE Lawn Treatment!

Call or email us for a Free Quote

513 787 3529 or email matt@mypurelawn.com

Angies List Super Service Award 2013 – Cincinnati and Dayton

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We did it again!  After winning the Angies List Super Service Award in 2012, we did it again in 2013!  In Cincinnati and Dayton, we got such good reviews on Angies List that we were in the Top 5% of our industry and received their Super Service Award in 2013 for the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

We take great pride in going above and beyond the expectations of our customers.  We are a small family-owned lawn care business and continue to grow every year.  Back in 2006, after working an eight hour shift at the local golf course, I was driving a beat up green Ford 150 reducing lawn chemicals on only 60 properties in the Troy and Tipp City, Ohio area.  Now PureLawn’s Organic Based Lawn Services are providing lawn care treatments in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Centerville, Kettering, Troy, Tipp City, and many other cities in Southwest Ohio.  We are proud to state that we are eliminating and reducing lawn chemicals on 800 plus properties now.

We have done this by using high quality products only, great employees who work their tails off, and a great customer base that helps us grow through our best marketing tool – referrals.  Remember if you are a customer and refer us a new customer you will receive $25 credit, but most of our customers refer us new clients because they believe in what we are doing and are proud of being part of growing movement toward healthier better lawn care in Cincinnati and Dayton.

I want to thank Chad Craft and his patient wife Jess.  Thanks to Chris Smith and his hard work over the years.  These two teammates have worked long hours sweating in the July heat and continue to reduce the stress of running a business.  Thanks to my lovely wife Nikki who not only works as a Registered Nurse, but still brings my dinner into my office during another 13-14 hour day as I wrap up the paperwork for the day.  Thanks to my Mother, Father, Stepmother, my brother Sean, and the rest of the family.  Without them I would not have started the business and it would never have flourished the way it has.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Be thankful for what you have, punch complacency in the mouth, and push hard to become a better person in 2014.



Fall Mowing Tips in Dayton and Cincinnati

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So we are pushing into cooler temperatures and shorter days here in Dayton and Cincinnati.  The Bengals, Browns, and Ohio State are doing pretty well so far.  The weather is perfect for grass.  It is a good year!  What should my Fall mowing tips in Dayton and Cincinnati be?

Here are a few Fall mowing tips to help you get through the Fall and into the Winter so you have a beautiful PureLawn come Spring of 2014 here in Dayton and Cincinnati.


1)  Gradually move your mowing setting down to 2 inches.  We always suggest mowing high (3-4 inches after being cut) throughout the season until the last couple mowings of the year.  This is when you want to gradually drop it down to a shorter length.  This will protect the lawn from Winter Lawn Diseases like Snow Mold.  Yes there really are winter lawn diseases that can effect the spring green up of your lawn.  Your lawn could go into Winter looking like a green carpet delivered from the Heavens only to come out of a nasty Winter riddled with brown patches all over.  Mow it low in the Fall.

2)  Don’t stop mowing!  Many customers think the lawn care and mowing season is over around football time.  You couldn’t be more wrong!  Keep mowing your grass.  It helps the grass thicken out laterally and fill in possible stressed spots from Summer stresses.  Mow in different directions to keep the grass from falling over or avoiding grooves in the soil.  This will help the grass stand up taller and look better.

3)  Mulch your leaves to recycle nutrients and organic matter.  Some studies have shown that picking up grass clippings instead of returning them to the soil can waste up to 30% of the fertilizer we are applying to your lawn.  Grass clippings DO NOT contribute to your thatch layer.  Leaves have plenty of organic matter in them too.  Chop those leaves up instead of raking them to add goodness back into the soil for an improved soil structure.  Leaves are Mother Nature’s free compost for your soil.  If the leaves are too thick to mulch back into the soil then you may have to rake them up, but if you can mulch them.

We will be out for your Early Fall and Late Fall Treatments.  These are the most important feedings of the year in Dayton and Cincinnati.  Ohio State Turfgrass Research shows that when you apply fertilizer in the Late Fall it is directly feeding the grass roots and will develop a stronger thicker PureLawn.


Lawn Stress around Driveways and Walks

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The high temperatures can be very stressful on our lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton.  Lawn stress around driveways and walks is very common and can kill grass.  Why does this happen?  Most times it is because the soil is poor in those areas.  Along the edges the soil is infested with rocks, concrete, debris, and other things impeding the roots from diving deep.  Shallow roots mean the grass will stress out much quicker than the grass in the  middle of your lawn that has deep roots.  Another reason is this grass is surrounded by large baking pans (concrete).  The concrete is much hotter than the soil and when your curb lane “the devil strip” between the road and sidewalk is getting pounded by heat from two directions it stresses out much quicker than the main portion of your lawn.  Weeds tend to invade these areas of stress more too.

So what can you do?

1)  Improve the soil-  Add high quality topsoil or compost to the existing soil by topdressing after an aeration or just rototil the new soil/compost into the existing.  Make sure to remove any rocks or large objects that could stop the roots of the grass from diving deep.

2)  Core Aerate- Most times these areas are very compact.  Core Aerating in the Spring or Fall will relieve the compaction, promote root growth, and improve drainage.  It is always a good idea to core aerate every year in Cincinnati and Dayton because of our high clay soils.

3)  Plant more drought tolerant grass-  The type of grass I would suggest would be turf type tall fescue.  It handles the stresses of the Summer much better than rye and bluegrass.  Wait until Sept/Early Oct for the best results.  Work the soil, put down the seed evenly, and then make sure to keep the soil moist for 2-3 weeks until all the grass has germinated.  A good blend we like to use is sold at Green Velvet Sod Farm called Hybrid Power (with a little blue in it) or Trophy XRE (100% tall fescue).

Remember to seed this Fall and do not wait until the Spring.  The results of Fall Seedings are much better.  There is a reason we do 90% of our seedings in the Fall in Cincinnati and Dayton.

Fungus in Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns

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Will it ever quit raining?  The fungus in Cincinnati and Dayton lawns hope not.  The hot humid weather paired up with lots of rain equals lawn disease.  We are seeing lawn fungus everywhere.  When lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton cannot dry out between waterings you will see fungus form and spread.  This is what is happening in Southwest Ohio right now.  The hot humid weather we had a couple weeks ago ignited the fungus fire.

How do lawn diseases happen?  There are three factors that must happen for a fungus to present its ugly head.

1)  The pathogens must be present.  Lawn disease pathogens are always present in a lawn.

2)  Weather conditions must be right for the pathogens to thrive.  Unfortunately Mother Nature controls this.

3)  There must be a susceptible plant (grass).  This is the only thing we can control.

Here are some of the funguses that are loving this weather and could be causing your lawn problems.


rust disease







Brown Patch

brown patch










Summer Patch

summer patch







4 Ways to Reduce Lawn Fungus

1)  DO NOT water your lawn after 3 pm.  It is best to water during the morning for 60-90 minutes every 3-7 days.

2)  DO NOT water everyday or over-irrigate if Mother Nature is taking care of it

3)  Plant more disease resistant grasses

4)  DO NOT mow the lawn when the grass is wet.  You will promote fungus and spread it.

Summer Mowing Tips

Posted ago by Matt Maurer

The temperatures are reaching 90 plus here in Cincinnati and Dayton.  The rain seems to be gone for a little while, so here are some Summer Mowing Tips that will help you reduce the stress on your PureLawn during the nasty weather.

1)  NEVER mow the lawn during the dead heat of the day.  Make sure if you are going to mow your lawn during hot temperatures wait until the late evening or even early morning to cut the lawn.  When you cut the grass you are injuring it with the mowing blades.  This is the case during cool times too, but during the hot months of the Summer it is like throwing gas on a fire if you mow during the heat of the day.  You are doing more harm than good.  You would be better off letting it look like a jungle than mowing it during the afternoon on a 90 degree day.

2)  NEVER mow the lawn short during the Summer.  You are only opening the lawn up to crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and stressing it out from the heat more.  If you cut the lawn at 3-4 inches after being cut it will keep the soil shaded better.  This reduces your need for watering and lowers your water bill.  Mowing high also reduces the amount of weeds and keeps your lawn green.

3)  NEVER mow the lawn when it is wet.  When we have hot humid weather fungus is present in every lawn.  You will be promoting spreading some of that nasty fungus all over your lawn.  Small individual grass blades with a little bit of disease can turn into large patches, streaks, and possibly dead grass if you mow the grass when it is wet.  You will also be tearing the grass blade instead of cutting it because of the moisture on the grass.  This opens the grass blades up to more fungus.

So if you would like to mow the grass when we are experiencing high temperatures with no rain make sure you are:

Mowing in the late evening or early morning

MOWING HIGH (3-4 inches after being cut)

Mowing when it is dry out