We’re thankful that a local lawn company really does offer a ‘green’ service rather than just lip service. We want our lawn to look nice, but not at the expense of our health, our neighbors’ health, or the health of the planet. Purelawn, in our view, is the best there is in Cincinnati-Dayton, and we have family and neighbors who have also become PL converts. Thanks for your quality and your environmental stewardship, Purelawn.

Pete K


Just do what you did this past summer. So many people remarked how thick and green it was this summer. Thanks Pure Lawn.

Betty H


Our lawn made a dramatic transformation within the first season alone…and we started in late summer! Now, our lawn is green with little need for watering from Spring to Fall. It is thick and obviously healthy. The peace of mind that we’re putting something good back into the ground and that the kids and pets in our home and neighborhood are safer adds the bonus that’ll keep us with Purelawn into the future. Thanks!

Jill F.


Just wanted to share with you a conversation I had with one of my neighbors this afternoon. She lives two houses down. She commented, “Your lawn is already looking really nice; it’s green.– the nicest one on the street.” I reminded her that it is chemical-free and told her to give you a call.

Libby S.


My lawn is “DRAMATICALLY” improved. After using several chemical services, with Purelawn our lawn is now greener and thicker in just one year. I love it! It is greener, thicker and if you have questions you are right there to answer them.

Jayne B.


The Purelawn team has done an exceptional job with my lawn. Matt always goes the extra mile and always responds quickly to any concern I have with my lawn. I receive comments from all my neighbors on how good my lawn looks. Great job Matt!

Mark B.


Good communication and promptness.

Jason S.


Several years ago [2009], I burned my lawn applying a chemical fertilizer made by a company here in Ohio. Having used their products for over 19 years I couldn’t understand what happened, perhaps my lawn had just had enough? Aerated the lawn, over seeded and spread PureLawn’s product on it and then spread a layer of Peat on the lawn, adjusted my mower to the highest setting and watered for a couple of weeks. Within 3 weeks I had the greenest thickest lawn on the street. Neighbors would stop to ask how we did it. Ever since then we have used only PureLawn’s fertilizer, last year we went to having them apply it. I still have the best looking lawn on the street. At first my wife thought it was a lot more to pay but now she loves how it looks compared to our neighbors. Actually on a per pound basis it is actually less expensive than the chemical fertilizer made in Ohio.

Bob L.


I don’t know how you are able to take the time to be so helpful and personable. It’s unheard of these days to be able to reach someone by phone when you need to. Our lawn looks the best it has in years. Thanks!

Mary R.


I have used many different lawn care services throughout the years, but by far Pure Lawn has been the best! Not only do they have a great product line that actually works, but their prices are reasonable and the professionalism of their employees (and owner) is fantastic! They truely do an amazing job! I would defintely recommend you giving this company a try!

Ashley A.


The main reason I use them is because it is organic which was important to me. They are very responsive if I have questions. They do ask for feedback and when you send back feedback they will respond specifically to you on what you had said.

Laurie A.


My lawn looks great. Better than the ones that used chemical fertilizers.

Kevin P.


Purelawn always performs above my expectations every visit.

Howard B.


I really appreciate the environmentally responsible approach Purelawn is taking in their lawn care. It is a relief to know that the children and pets can walk in a yard free of chemicals.

Cynthia W.


Thanks for the update…I was indeed guilty of watering in the evening because that seemed to work best with my schedule, but I will switch to mornings only. So far this summer, I’ve had the greenest yard on the block so I sure don’t want to mess that up now!

AnnMarie S.


PureLawn hasn’t harassed us trying to sell us a multitude of other services. They are always willing to come back out if it rains immediately after an application and not begrudgingly.

Kristin C.


I had left work early on Thursday to tackle all of the leaves in my yard, and when I arrived it was apparent that you had applied a lawn application after removing the bulky portion of leaves (and snow)from my lawn. I so appreciate that you went the extra mile to make sure that the application actually permeated to the lawn. (I’ve had other lawn services that don’t seem to take this into consideration.) I am very happy with the service that PureLawn has provided as well as the results. I also feel better about using less chemicals on the lawn that often just get washed down into the sewer system during water runoff. Thanks for the great service and integrity.

Sharon A.


I just came in from having a coffee on my patio while admiring my lovely back yard. It looks great!

Helen G.


We’ve used Purelawn for 3 or 4 summers, now. The owner is always responsive and his team is very professional.

David M.


I’ve seen how much time and care you’ve taken with my lawn. More than anyone else ever has. I truly appreciate it.

JoAnn B.


Love the yard and your program is great!

Debra S.


Both properties look great. Thanks for all your great work.

Michael F.


Did a good job and lawn looked as good if not better than when we used Scott’s.

Lin L.


My yard looks great. I didn’t need to water as much and don’t freak out when my dog eats the grass.

James B.


I have used them for several years. They are always very prompt.. I am very satisfied with their applications and the end results. My lawn looks excellent!

Marsha H.


Responsive, timely, hassle-free.

Joe F.


Just wanted to let you know my yard has never looked better, it took a couple of years to get healthy, but it looks great.

Sue G.


Our lawn has never looked better.

Virginia W.


Great company and services. I like the personal and local touch. It’s nice to know you can call Matt with any questions. Would recommend to anyone!

Rick J.


I am really happy with them. I chose them because they are an organic company. They also do some traditional weed control methods. They will work with you in terms of working your lawn towards organic by using traditional at first and tapering off. They really taper it to your needs, it is individualized service.

Cynthia B.


Our yard looks a lot better since you’ve been taking care of it. Thanks!

Jake H.


They were very professional and offered recommendation on what would be best serve my lawn.

Susan J.


The owner came with the men and told me everything about my lawn. He has come every time and left comments on my door about what is going on. This is the first year so my grass looks better than it did. He is constantly giving me tips on how to keep my grass nice. It is all pretty much organic based. If they have to use a pesticide, they let me know. They show up when they are supposed to.

Diane S.


PureLawn has been an excellent company to work with. They do exactly what they contract to do to my lawn and the lawn of my Dad’s house and they do it on a timely basis. I have recommended them to several friends and neighbors.

Edie M.


You guys rock! Appreciate your time, work, patience and friendliness!

Jessica F.


The lawn is looking better than it ever has!

Naomi G.


From inquiry to service–we’ve had a great experience. They answered all my concerned-parent questions about the products and methodology, have taken great care of our lawn (greener and no weeds), and have always been conscientious (on at least one occasion I asked that they wait a few moments to perform services until we could leave the house so we weren’t walking through their job).

Amanda A.


Matt has done an exceptional job in reviving the front lawn.

Charlie B.


The first year we lived at our new house I tried to take care of the yard with fertilizer and weed killers and made no difference. After having Matt take care of our yard, it is now green and healthy. It is much more relaxing to spend time in the yard. It looks great!

Ron C.


We do use their organic products. I found them to be very reliable. If they have questions, they call. If I have a question, they return my calls quickly. I have been very satisfied with them.

David B.


We bought organic fertilizer for the whole season for our lawn from this company. They were very responsive to phone calls and questions. We were doing organic fertilizer for the first time and they were very helpful with instructions, tips, and advice. We were pleased and will be using their product again this year and will have them aerate and overseed our lawn in the fall.

Gwen S.


My lawn looks fantastic best on the street. They are very quick. Our lawn looks plush and healthy I am very pleased with the what our lawn looks.

Linda K.


Matt does organic lawn care and is dedicated to it. They are pretty darn good.

Ann D.


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