Organic Lawn Care Programs

PureLawn offers customized Organic Lawn Care Programs in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio that gradually eliminates the need for chemicals and pesticides without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn. No one can provide a safer lawn care service while still developing the beautiful landscapes that we do. No one can provide better personalized service than a local family-owned and operated lawn business. Your lawn is our best advertisement and your happiness is our best sales story. We’ll work until you are satisfied. Guaranteed results!

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Purelawn Bridge Program


Bridge:  This lawn care program is designed to give your lawn the best of both the synthetic and organic sides of lawn care.

Our organic-based fertilizers provide your turf with the green up from the synthetic side of the fertilizer, while providing the organic matter to improve your soil structure, strengthen the root system, and feed the soil life.

We take the time to spot treat each weed rather than blanket spraying the entire lawn with unnecessary chemicals.

Our Bridge Program provides a significant reduction in lawn chemicals with an improvement in lawn appearance.

Over 95% Reduction in Chemicals

  • Organic-Based Fertilizers
  • Spot Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Premium Organic Matter
Purelawn Custom Program


Custom:  This lawn care program is designed for customers who would like to use different programs on different sections of their lawn.  For example, many children and pets play in the backyard, but not in the front.  We can apply our PureGreen Program on the backyard and the Bridge Program on the front.  You pick and choose which program and where it is applied.The Custom Program is also great for larger lawns where a customer may not want their entire property treated.

Customize your property with our different lawn care programs.

Purelawn Pure Green Program


PureGreen:  This lawn care program is designed for customers who would like to enjoy a healthy lush green lawn without worrying about lawn chemicals.  It is safe for children and pets to roll around on the grass after our lawn technician leaves.Our organic fertilizers are made from food-grade materials, and feed the turf from the soil up.  Over time our fertilizers and lack of pesticides will create a healthy soil colonized by millions of beneficial microorganisms that keep the turf healthy and green.  The fertilizer also provides the proper nutrients to strengthen the root system of your lawn and increase the turf density.

100% Chemical-Free

  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Custom Organic Fertilizers
  • Slow Released Nutrients
  • Root and Soil Stimulation
  • Steady Growth
  • Molasses to Feed the Soil Life

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