Additional Lawn Care Services

We offer these additional lawn care services in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.  We will nurture your lawn and soil so you can relax, knowing that it will receive the optimal turf care.

  • Soil Test
  • Flea/Tick Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Slice Seeding
  • Grub/Insect Control
  • Aeration/Overseeding
  • Clay Buster Soil Amendment
  • Perimeter Pest Control
Lawn Care Services
Soil Testing Troy Ohio

Soil Test: Knowing what your soil needs is crucial for producing the best lawn possible. It is also environmentally-responsible. We take soil samples from several different areas in your lawn and send it to Brookside Labs in New Knoxville, OH. After receiving the results, we will contact you, discuss the results, and then customize a program based on what your soil is deficient in. This service only costs $39.00 plus tax.

Flea/Tick Control:  This lawn service will eliminate the flea/tick population from your lawn.  Normally we start these when insect activity begins in Late Spring and go through Early Fall.  Four Treatments done monthly is suggested.

Mosquito Control:  This lawn service will help reduce the population of mosquitoes from your property.  We spray the lawn, landscape, lower leaves on the trees, shrubs, and the rest of the property.  We also spread granular BT in areas that may have standing water or areas that are more prone to mosquito breeding.  The spray we use is an All-Natural Mosquito Spray.  Normally we start these when insect activity begins in Late Spring and go through Early Fall.  Four Treatments done monthly is suggested.  We can spray before events also.

Mosquito Control Dayton Ohio

Core Aeration: This lawn care service strengthens the root system, improves drainage, relieves compaction, and helps the lawn uptake the nutrients from the fertilizers properly. We highly recommend this lawn service if you have a large thatch layer (more than ½ inch) or have had problems with lawn diseases in the past. We suggest this service being performed once a year if possible, and definitely every other year.

Slice Seeding: Have bare spots or would you like to integrate newer, more drought resistant grass blends into an old lawn?  Let our slice seeding service quickly develop a thicker green lawn for you. This lawn care service uses a seeding machine that drills grass seed into the soil much like a farmer planting his crop. This seeding method will produce the best germination as long as you follow our watering tips.

Grub/Insect Control: This is a preventative health protection for your lawn.  It is a plant health insurance for your grass protecting it from damage caused by the white grubs and other lawn destructive insects . If you have had a history of grub or other insect problems, we highly recommend this service.  Bluegrass billbugs have been very destructive in the past few years with the droughts.  We can apply this preventative insect control in Late Spring and take care of all the insects that could possibly destroy your lawn.

Lawn Care Services

Aeration/Overseeding: This lawn care service is recommended every fall until your lawn is thick and healthy. We core aerate your lawn, and then broadcast the newer more drought-tolerant grass blends over the holes. The rest is up to you and your watering. This service is wonderful for making a thin lawn become thick quicker.

Clay Buster Soil Amendment: This lawn care service helps break up the hard compact clay soils of the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. This will allow our fertilizer nutrients, oxygen, and water to make it to the root system easier. Remember your lawn is only as good as its soil.

Perimeter Pest Control:  This lawn service will keep the crawling insects out of your home.  We spray the entrance areas, around the foundation of the house, and any other areas that are possible places the insects can enter the home.  Normally we start these when insect activity begins in Late Spring and go through Early Fall.  Four Treatments done monthly is suggested.

PureLawn is NOT responsible for any damages that happen during our core aeration or slice seeding services.  Our machines can go down into the soil about 2-3 inches.  We suggest our customers have their sprinkler system, invisible fence, and any other wires they may be concerned with marked.

Overseeding Dayton Ohio

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