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Here are some links to trusted resources and partners of PureLawn who are experts in organic lawn care service.

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30 pesticides and health effects
EPA tests of lawn pesticides have linked them to cancer, kidney/liver damage and birth defects.

Children and lawn care chemicals don’t mix
A summary of the increased risk to children.

Organic Food Delivery Service in Dayton Area and Troy
Call Milan and Tanya to set up a weekly delivery of local fresh organic produce.

Do pesticides cause cancer?
“Scientists believe that the use of lawn chemicals such as 2,4-D has been a significant factor in the 50% rise in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma over the past 20 years” (World Health Organization).

Do pesticides cause cancer in children?
“The forms of childhood cancer linked to exposure to pesticides… include leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Wilms tumor, Ewing’s sarcoma, and soft tissue sarcoma”.
A website with details on the effects of pesticides on children, pets and the environment.

Organic lawn care for the cheap and lazy
Want to do it yourself?  Here is a link that tells you how

Harvard research
Shows pesticides linked to early puberty and mammary tumors in rats.

Cities move to ban pesticides
70 cities and towns in Canada have already banned lawn pesticides.

Pesticides banned by law
Some pesticides have already been banned in the US

Communities are trying to ban pesticide use
“Connecticut is one of 30 states in which the pesticide industry has put preemption clauses into state statutes, making it illegal for towns to be more protective of their citizens when it comes to lawn-care pesticide exposures,” explains Nancy Alderman, president of Environment and Human Health, Inc.

Short video on pesticides
From grassroots environmental education.

Does it really work?
An Ohio State University research paper on going organic in Ohio.

Tipp City Holistic Health Practitioner
The Earth Center in Tipp City offers acupuncture, yoga, pilates, reflexology, massages, and many other services.  Contact Nicole today to set up an appointment.

What do pesticide producers say?
In the interest of fair play, we include a website supported by pesticide companies.

Other Ohio organic companies
In Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus we recommend Good Nature.

South Bend, Indiana Organic Lawn Care Provider
Local high quality organic based lawn care in Northern Indiana.

Natural Alternatives Compost and Worm Castings
Dayton Daily News Article on a local company that creates high quality compost and worm castings.  “Farm Life”

Ohio Lawn Care Association
A source of information for lawns in Ohio.

Dayton Yoga Studio – Day Yoga Studio
Yoga, but much more.  Reiki, Massage, Ayurvedic Consultations, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and much more.  Call them and ask for Devon.

Safelawns Organization
A great source of information about natural lawn care, how to do videos, and many other resources pertaining to organic lawn care.

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