FAQs About PureLawn

PureLawn Organic Lawncare Programs drastically reduce or eliminate lawn pesticides in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Why have your current lawncare company spraying unnecessary pesticides all over your grass? Our green lawn care programs are safer for children, pets, and the environment.
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In our PureGreen Lawn Program, we use our custom blended organic fertilizers that slowly feeds the root system, soil life, and grass. In this program, we rely on cultural practices such as proper mowing and fall seedings to control the weeds. We use absolutely no pesticides in this program.

In our Bridge Lawn Program, we use organic based fertilizers that provide the quicker release of nutrients from the synthetic side, the slower release of nutrients plus the added organic matter from the organic side of the fertilizer. We use the least amount of pesticides as possible in this lawn care program. By spot treating the weeds instead of blanket spraying your lawn for weeds, we have reduced the amount of pesticides applied on lawns over 95%. We do not apply unnecessary pesticides like our competition because it is easier to train our technicians or is more efficient. We take our time and use only high quality fertilizers, and the result is a better-looking lawn with a significant reduction in pesticides applied.

In our PureGreen Program, the children and pets can be having fun rolling around on the lawn right after we leave. The PureGreen Program is 100% pesticide-free. Our organic fertilizers are custom blended and made from vegetable by-product. In our Bridge Program, even though we are using a highly reduced rate of lawn pesticides on your property compared to our competitors, we are still applying some pesticides to the lawn. This means you need to keep the children and pets off the lawn for 3-4 hours after the application at least. We usually recommend keeping the children and pets off the lawn for 24 hours if possible to be on the safe side.

Organic lawn fertilizers feed the soil life, roots, and grass where straight synthetic fertilizers are just primarily feeding the grass. Organic fertilizers are adding needed organic matter to the soil, which helps improve the soil structure over time. To have a strong, lush lawn you must have a quality soil that has a thriving soil life and allows the roots of the grass to grow deep into the ground. Our lawn care programs allow the soil life to thrive instead of depleting it. A good soil structure teeming with billions of beneficial microbes is the foundation for any beautiful lawn and PureLawn’s organic fertilizers allow us to improve our customer’s soils quicker than chemical fertilizers.

PureLawn develops lawns with deep root systems that can fight off stresses such as droughts much better than chemically treated lawns. The way our Summers have been in Cincinnati and Dayton this is exciting news huh?  Deep root systems in a lawn result in a lower water bill.  Our lawn care programs feed the soil life.  They reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides.  This creates a healthy environment in the soil where the good microbes will start to dominate and prevent harmful pathogens or insects that ruin lawns. The need for expensive applications of insecticides or fungicides in the future will drastically be reduced.

We use no manures in our blends.  Other lawn care companies that recently added a natural lawn program use fertilizers derived from composted manures.  Our organic lawn fertilizers are made from food-grade ingredients and smell much better than chemical fertilizers or pesticides used. You will not notice any strong scent after an application.

Our annual price is very competitive with some of larger chemical lawn care franchises. The pricing of our lawn care is based on square footage of the property. Please contact us and we can provide you with a free lawn analysis and quote. We take pride in working out a program that works for the customer’s property, expectations, and budget.

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