Cincinnati and Dayton Lawn Insects

Cincinnati and Dayton Lawn Insects

Cincinnati and Dayton lawn insects can cause problems and destroy healthy grass.  Don’t let your lawn look like the picture above.  This lawn has been destroyed by bluegrass billbugs.  This can happen to any lawn no matter how healthy it is.  So what can you do?  Protect your beautiful lawn with a preventative insect control.  Cincinnati and Dayton lawn insects that cause problems include billbugs, grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.  PureLawn is proud to state that they use an EPA reduced risk insecticide that has a low impact on fish, honey bees, and all other non-target organisms.  It is the only grub control that was not required to put a signal word on their label.

So when do these insects destroy lawns?  You see billbug damage during the Summer and getting a preventative treatment down as quickly as possible is a good idea.  The best time to put these down to prevent billbug damage, but also grubs and other insects is right now!  Grubs do their damage mostly in the Fall, but we apply a protective insect treatment now that prevents damage from all lawn insects in Cincinnati and Dayton.

How do you know if you have grub damage?  You can easily pull up the grass like it is sod that is not rooted.  It will pull up like carpet because the little pesky grubs chew on the roots of your grass until it turns brown and dies.  You can usually find the white grubs in the soil as you pull up the sod.

Receiving a preventative insect control is health insurance for your lawn and will save you from an expensive Fall Seeding or Sod job.  Contact us now to get on our list.  If you don’t get this treatment down soon you may not be able to prevent billbug damage.





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