How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes without Chemicals

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes without Chemicals

Your eyes squint as the sun beats down upon you.  You hear the sound of a mower roaring from the neighbor’s house.  As you fire up the grill, the smell of suntan lotion hit your nostrils.  Summer is great!  Then….you hear a buzz around your head.  Maybe a small pinch of your skin.  Mosquitoes!!!

Below are 8 Tips on How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes without Chemicals

1)  Repair Leaks – In the AC unit, the roof, outdoor faucets – Patch up holes in screen doors or windows too

2)  Maintain Pools – Keep pools clean, chlorinated, and clear debris from the cover

3)  Clean Debris – Clear debris from the property.  Any place that could hold moisture like old leaves around the foundation of the house, long grass, trash areas, etc… clean it up.  It will make your property look better and that one neighbor who is peering out their window at your leaf pile can finally relax.

4)  Eliminate Items that Hold Water – Get rid of items that hold water or store them upside down – Examples, buckets, kayaks, bird baths, flower pots, baby pools

5)  Adjust Sprinklers – To avoid over-watering.  This will reduce standing water areas or poor drainage spots that would invite mosquitoes to breed

6)  Check and Clear Gutters – Clogged gutters can be like Studio 54 for mosquitoes.  Clear the gutters of debris if you do not want the mosquitoes to party all night up there

7)  Treat Standing Water Areas – If you have a bird bath, areas that drain poorly, etc…Put mosquito dunks or mosquito bits in to treat the water areas with a natural control called BT.  These products kill the larvae before they get bigger and bite

8)  Have Purelawn Organic Lawncare spray your property with an All-Natural Garlic Spray.  This is a concentrated garlic spray that kills adults and larvae, but also repels them from your property for up to 30 days.  Don’t worry the smell of garlic only sticks around for the mosquitoes.  No we can’t spray your 40 year-old brother who lives in the basement.  That smell is there to stay.

How Much Does it Cost?  

The pricing depends on the size of the lawn and amount of trees/landscaping plants, but prices begin at $69 per treatment.  We normally do 4 Treatments per year.

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