How do I Keep Crabgrass out of my Lawn?

How do I Keep Crabgrass out of my Lawn?

You step outside the front door to a beautiful sunrise and take a deep breath.  Your nostrils are filled with the captivating aroma of flowers blooming.  You hear birds chirping.  You think that is a pleasant sound.  Much better than the sound of my co-worker Jason rambling on about how his March Madness bracket is doing.  I hope Jason is out today with a cold.  Hey though it is a wonderful time of the year!  It is March.  Cleveland Browns fans have high hopes for the next year.  Spring is here!  This means it is time to get down the pre-emergent crabgrass barrier on your lawn in Cincinnati and Dayton.


Here are 3 Ways to Keep Crabgrass out of your Lawn

  1.  Put down a Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Barrier – This is the most important way to prevent crabgrass from popping up later in the Summer in your yard.  The lawn sales guy who called yesterday evening and said timing is VERY important wasn’t just trying to get your sale.  He actually was telling the truth!  Getting this lawn treatment down before the soil temperature consistently hits 55 degrees will make sure you get the optimal benefits from the crabgrass treatment.  If you plan on putting down Corn Gluten Meal, we would suggest the timing be the same.  Usually getting your crabgrass barrier down by Early May will create the proper protection against crabgrass.  Soil temperature dictates everything.
  2. Mow High – Mow your lawn high.  You are not mowing a putting green at Augusta so quit scalping your lawn down.  Crabgrass and other weeds love grass mowed below 3 inches.  Healthy, thick, deep rooted lawns are always the ones which are mowed high (3-4 inches after being cut).
  3. Seed your Lawn in the Fall –  Crabgrass loves bare and thin spots.  The ideal time to plant grass seed in Cincinnati and Dayton is September through Early October.  As you get grass planted in these bare/thin areas, you will see this healthy grass prevent crabgrass from taking over those areas.


Spring is an ideal time to get started with a new lawn care program.  Remember to stick to a schedule and get the crabgrass barrier down at the proper time.  Some folks use the forsythia bloom as an indicator that it is time to apply your pre-emergent barrier.  We usually try to get our first treatments down right around the time the Browns blow their first round draft pick.  It is Believeland though, so it is their year!


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