Lawn Mushrooms

Lawn Mushrooms

Attack of the lawn mushrooms!  The weather conditions in the past few weeks have been ideal in Cincinnati and Dayton lawns to produce lawn mushrooms.  Many times you see mushrooms pop up in lawns after prolonged periods of rain, over irrigation, and sometimes with weather changes.  So what is going on and what should you do?

First off lawn mushrooms are nothing to worry about.  They do not harm the grass and are simply decaying matter fruiting on the surface in the shape of a mushroom.  There are many things in the soil that could be decaying, but often times it is where trees used to be.  It could also be leftover wood from construction, old tree roots, pet waste, rotting mulch, and many other sources.  Lawn mushrooms in Cincinnati and Dayton lawns will go away.  Be patient and you will see them disappear with weather changes or less rain/irrigation.  There is nothing PureLawn can apply to get rid of the mushrooms, but they will go away with time so be patient.  You can manually pull them, but keep children away from them.  You don’t want kids eating these kind of mushrooms.

So here are our 4 solutions for reducing the lawn mushrooms in your Cincinnati and Dayton lawn.

1)  Manually pull them (don’t let kids help)

2)  Reduce Irrigation if you are watering too much

3)  Remove any matter that could be decaying and causing the mushrooms (eg tree stumps, pet waste, old mulch)

4)  Be Patient.  They will go away soon.



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