Mow your lawn higher… please?

The first blog post might as well emphasize the most important cultural practice I could suggest for anybody interested in their lawn looking good. Mow your lawn high.
For us in Ohio, we are dealing with mostly cool season grasses such as tall fescue, blue, and ryegrasses.  These grasses like it when we cut them at 2.5-4 inches high.  In the Spring, you can get away with the lower 2.5 inch cut, but in the Summer make sure the grass is 3-4 inches after being cut.

The many benefits of this cultural practice are less weeds, deeper roots, a stronger grass plant, and less stress from drought, insects, and fungus.  Your front lawn is not a golf course no matter how much you would like it to be.  Those grasses are different and are maintained differently, so do not try to replicate what they do.

PureLawn is a healthy diet for your lawn.  Mowing your grass high is the equivalent of the fruits and vegetables of a healthy diet.  If you treat your lawn or have a company do it, then why mow the lawn low and receive only a small portion of the benefits of that service?  Feed the lawn correctly, mow properly, and that PureLawn diet will start to show.

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