Salt or Plow Damage to your Grass

Salt or Plow Damage to your Grass

It is March and we are still dealing with snow?  Mother Nature, what kind of sick joke is this?  The weather report looks like more snow for Cincinnati and Dayton this weekend.  Soon enough Spring will be here and you may notice tan spots on the edges of the lawn from salt damage.  Another call we get from customers is their concerns that a local plow truck got a little aggressive and ripped up some sod in their property.  What can you do at this point if there is salt or plow damage to your grass?

  1. Clean up the Mess – If the plow has ripped up part of your lawn rake it up and get rid of it.  Any sod that is still in good shape, you may be able to push it back in place.  As the soil warms up, it may actually root and your problem is solved.
  2. Salt Damage – If the damage is caused by salt apply a gypsum or AquaPHix soil amendment.  Both of these products can help flush the salts out of the soil.
  3. Repair the Damage – Spread a thin layer of soil over top of the damaged areas.  Use a garden weasel, metal rake, or ideally a slice seeding machine to work the grass seed into your damage spots.  We would suggest using a mixture of perennial ryegrass and turf type tall fescue grass.  The rye will come in quicker, but the fescue is a better grass long term that will pop up after 10-14 days.
  4. Avoid Step 1 Crabgrass Barriers – Do NOT put down a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer in these areas if you planted grass seed or put down sod.  Pre-Emergent Herbicides create a barrier that doesn’t allow grass seed to germinate in the soil.  This means it prevents crabgrass from germinating in your soil, but it also inhibits your good grass that you planted from germinating.
  5. Enjoy Spring –  This time of year is an ideal time to negotiate with your spouse how many times per week you can golf.  Oh wait, that is just me?  Enjoy your family, the weather, BBQ, outdoor activities, kids, play with your dog….Spring is great!  Enough Mother Nature!  Let the flowers bloom!

Plow Damage

Salt Damage to Grass

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