Summer Mowing Tips

It is 90 degrees out, the sun is beating down, and it is Sunday.  This is your mow day.  You think it probably isn’t good to mow with this type of weather, but you ignore all the summer mowing tips you ever read.  Here is a piece of advice.  Go back inside to the air conditioning and your bottle of Sam Adams.  You are about to harm your lawn.  Every time we mow the lawn, we are actually injuring it.  It grows to repair itself.  Sometimes at the expense of the root growth if you are not mowing properly.  I usually leave my grass at 4-6 inches and shaggy during the hot part of the Summer.  It shades the lawn and it will stay greener much longer into the Summer compared with my neighbors. Sometimes I don’t mow for weeks if the weather is too hot.

3 Summer Mowing Tips for Dayton and Cincinnati

1)  Mow when the Weather is Good – If you have to avoid mowing for a few weeks it is completely fine during hot dry weather.  You will do more harm to the grass by mowing when it is 90 degrees.  You can also leave mow marks where your mower actually will kill grass with its wheels.  If you are not irrigating during the Summer or we are having a dry Summer remember to not mow during high temperatures.

2)  Mow when it is Dry Out – Mowing the lawn when it is wet will promote fungus and a spotty brown lawn.  You will tear the grass blade instead of a clean cut and this opens it up to fungus entering the blades.  Also, if you have any fungus present you can drag it across the lawn if the grass is wet.  I have done this before.  It doesn’t look good.

3)  Mow High – Yes you have heard this so many times you are sick of it.  Just do it.  You will be happy with the results.  Mow the grass at 3-4 inches after being cut.  You will have deeper roots, a darker green lawn, less weeds, less stress, and less crabgrass.

Happy mowing!



3 thoughts on “Summer Mowing Tips
  1. This is a great article! I used to be the person out mowing the lawn when it was 90 degrees out. But once I started working for Hydro-Tech Irrigations, I learned it was harmful for the grass to do that and I started mowing on cooler, drier days. I can say that this has tremendously helped the quality of my grass.

  2. These are tips that everyone should follow, especially your point about cutting the grass high. Some people like their grass cut low, but as you have said, it’s healthier for the grass if you leave it a little longer.

  3. No matter how many times I tell my dad about #3, he still likes to mow his lawn so it looks like a golfing green. Those parents never listen 🙂

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