$10 OFF our Aeration and Grub Control

$10 OFF our Aeration and Grub Control

We are excited to offer our blog followers in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas $10 OFF our aeration and grub control.  To celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, we will take $10 OFF if you mention this post when you sign up for one of the 2 following lawn care services PureLawn offers:

Grub/Insect Control– We offer a lower toxicity and more eco-friendly preventative grub/insect control for all our customers.  It has low impact on bee life.  Remember we only use high quality materials.  We suggest applying this before the End of May to control all surface (e.g. billbugs) and sub-surface insects (e.g. grubs).  This is plant health insurance for your lawn.  Last Summer we saw Billbugs destroy many lawns in the Cincinnati and Dayton area.  The drought combined with a high level of billbugs caused serious damage to lots of lawns.  The Bug Doctor, David Shetlar, of OSU Turfgrass stated it was one of the worst billbug years he can remember.  This resulted in expensive seed and sod jobs in the Fall.  Protect your lawn and receive our Preventative Grub/Insect Control this Spring.  Mention this blog post and receive $10 OFF.

Core Aeration– There is a reason golf courses aerate their properties 2-4 times per year.  It helps promote healthy green grass with deep roots.  The many benefits of core aeration are:

  • Relieves Compaction caused by high clay soils in SW OH
  • Relieves Compaction caused by children or pets
  • Reduces Thatch Layer
  • Reduces Development of Fungus
  • Reduces Weeds
  • Promotes Root Growth
  • Allows our Fertilizers, Moisture, and Oxygen to reach the Roots better

Call or email us today to sign up for one of these services and remember to mention this blog to receive $10 OFF.

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