Red Thread in Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns

Red Thread in Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns is very common.  We see pink snow mold and red thread in Cincinnati and Dayton lawns during the Spring and Fall.  Many times coming out of a wet Winter we often spot Red Thread in some lawns in Early Spring.  Don’t worry about this lawn disease.  It rarely ever does actual damage to the turf, but it can look bad for a little bit.  Be patient in Early Spring when it comes to Red Thread.

red thread 2







Our first treatment of nutrients and some warmer weather will help it grow out.  If you see this disease later in the season it could mean there is a nitrogen deficiency or the weather conditions are just right for this lawn fungus.  Again do not worry.  Give it some time and our controlled release nutrients will help it grow out.  Our organic based fertilizers help grow out this disease by providing the grass the proper nutrients.  Make sure you do not mow wet grass or you could spread the lawn fungus across healthy grass.  One helpful lawn care tip to deal with Winter Lawn Diseases is to “fluff” the grass with a rake in the Early Spring to help the grass breath and recover quicker.  If you think you have this disease call us for a free lawn analysis.

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