3 Benefits of the Late Fall Fertilizer

3 Benefits of the Late Fall Fertilizer

The grass growth has slowed down and you have brought the mower in for winterization.  So why put down a late fall fertilizer treatment on the yard?  This is a wonderful time to apply nutrients to the soil and the roots of the grass.  Here are the 3 Benefits of the late fall fertilizer treatment here in Ohio.

  1.  Promotes Root Growth – Energy is being stored by plants to make it through the Winter.  So as everything is going down to the root system and shoot growth slows, it is an ideal time to feed the roots of the grass directly.
  2. Stronger Lawn to Fight Stress – Since you are feeding the roots of the lawn directly at this time of the year, you are developing a deeper root system.  The root system is equivalent to the our body’s immune system.  The stronger it is, the better it can fight off stresses like drought, fungus, and weeds.  Give your lawn a shot of Vitamin C.
  3. Spring Green Up – There are studies that show that this fertilizer treatment will actually help your lawn green up quicker in the spring and be healthier.  A healthier lawn means less need for lawn chemicals.

Ohio State Turfgrass Research says this is the most important feeding of the season.  If you don’t believe me check this article out.


Put your lawn to sleep for the Winter the correct way.  Put down the Late Fall Fertilizer treatment to help promote root growth, develop a stronger lawn, and help with spring green up.


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