Should I Bag or Mow the Leaves on my Lawn?

Should I Bag or Mow the Leaves on my Lawn?

Should I bag or should I mow?  This question isn’t as deep as a philosophical one like, “What is the meaning of life?”  Or a humorous question like, “How have the Cleveland Browns made one playoff appearance in 18 years?”  Should you bag the leaves on your lawn or mow them?  I have no clue what the meaning of life is or how the Browns can be embarrassingly bad every year, but I can answer the question of should I bag or mow the leaves on my lawn?

You should mow the leaves.  Why?  Here are 2 Reasons

  1.  The leaves add organic matter right back into the soil.  This will improve the soil structure over time.  It feeds free nutrients to the soil.
  2.  Less time raking or bagging.  More time to watch the 5th QB for the Browns this season throw an interception.  I would suggest boycotting the Browns altogether until they show progress and spending time with your family instead.  More smiles – Less broken furniture.

Hope this helped you.  Thanks for putting up with my venting about my beloved Browns.

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