Angies List Super Service Award 2013 – Cincinnati and Dayton

Angies List Super Service Award 2013 – Cincinnati and Dayton

We did it again!  After winning the Angies List Super Service Award in 2012, we did it again in 2013!  In Cincinnati and Dayton, we got such good reviews on Angies List that we were in the Top 5% of our industry and received their Super Service Award in 2013 for the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

We take great pride in going above and beyond the expectations of our customers.  We are a small family-owned lawn care business and continue to grow every year.  Back in 2006, after working an eight hour shift at the local golf course, I was driving a beat up green Ford 150 reducing lawn chemicals on only 60 properties in the Troy and Tipp City, Ohio area.  Now PureLawn’s Organic Based Lawn Services are providing lawn care treatments in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Centerville, Kettering, Troy, Tipp City, and many other cities in Southwest Ohio.  We are proud to state that we are eliminating and reducing lawn chemicals on 800 plus properties now.

We have done this by using high quality products only, great employees who work their tails off, and a great customer base that helps us grow through our best marketing tool – referrals.  Remember if you are a customer and refer us a new customer you will receive $25 credit, but most of our customers refer us new clients because they believe in what we are doing and are proud of being part of growing movement toward healthier better lawn care in Cincinnati and Dayton.

I want to thank Chad Craft and his patient wife Jess.  Thanks to Chris Smith and his hard work over the years.  These two teammates have worked long hours sweating in the July heat and continue to reduce the stress of running a business.  Thanks to my lovely wife Nikki who not only works as a Registered Nurse, but still brings my dinner into my office during another 13-14 hour day as I wrap up the paperwork for the day.  Thanks to my Mother, Father, Stepmother, my brother Sean, and the rest of the family.  Without them I would not have started the business and it would never have flourished the way it has.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Be thankful for what you have, punch complacency in the mouth, and push hard to become a better person in 2014.



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