Fall Mowing Tips in Dayton and Cincinnati

Fall Mowing Tips in Dayton and Cincinnati

So we are pushing into cooler temperatures and shorter days here in Dayton and Cincinnati.  The Bengals, Browns, and Ohio State are doing pretty well so far.  The weather is perfect for grass.  It is a good year!  What should my Fall mowing tips in Dayton and Cincinnati be?

Here are a few Fall mowing tips to help you get through the Fall and into the Winter so you have a beautiful PureLawn come Spring of 2014 here in Dayton and Cincinnati.


1)  Gradually move your mowing setting down to 2 inches.  We always suggest mowing high (3-4 inches after being cut) throughout the season until the last couple mowings of the year.  This is when you want to gradually drop it down to a shorter length.  This will protect the lawn from Winter Lawn Diseases like Snow Mold.  Yes there really are winter lawn diseases that can effect the spring green up of your lawn.  Your lawn could go into Winter looking like a green carpet delivered from the Heavens only to come out of a nasty Winter riddled with brown patches all over.  Mow it low in the Fall.

2)  Don’t stop mowing!  Many customers think the lawn care and mowing season is over around football time.  You couldn’t be more wrong!  Keep mowing your grass.  It helps the grass thicken out laterally and fill in possible stressed spots from Summer stresses.  Mow in different directions to keep the grass from falling over or avoiding grooves in the soil.  This will help the grass stand up taller and look better.

3)  Mulch your leaves to recycle nutrients and organic matter.  Some studies have shown that picking up grass clippings instead of returning them to the soil can waste up to 30% of the fertilizer we are applying to your lawn.  Grass clippings DO NOT contribute to your thatch layer.  Leaves have plenty of organic matter in them too.  Chop those leaves up instead of raking them to add goodness back into the soil for an improved soil structure.  Leaves are Mother Nature’s free compost for your soil.  If the leaves are too thick to mulch back into the soil then you may have to rake them up, but if you can mulch them.

We will be out for your Early Fall and Late Fall Treatments.  These are the most important feedings of the year in Dayton and Cincinnati.  Ohio State Turfgrass Research shows that when you apply fertilizer in the Late Fall it is directly feeding the grass roots and will develop a stronger thicker PureLawn.


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