We only use the Highest Quality Materials

We will be using some new exciting cutting edge products this coming year. The recent droughts in the past few years have forced us to begin strategizing for more future droughts.  Our Programs and materials used will help alleviate the problems brought on by this type of extreme weather.  We will continue to seed with more drought tolerant grasses in the Fall.  We suggest strongly to all homeowners to seed with Turf Type Tall Fescue mixes.  These mixes have shown much better drought tolerance than blue and rye grasses.

We will also continue to research and test new products that show promise and add benefits to our Programs and ultimately your lawn.  We are unlike most of our competition.  We will promise to use the highest quality products only on your lawn.  Often the competition will use older materials that give them higher profit margins, feed only the grass and not the soil, and are not as safe and effective as the materials we use.  As a family owned lawn business, our dedication to using the best products while continuing to provide the best personalized customer service is unmatched.  Your satisfaction is a must for us to survive.  Thank you for your support!

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