How Does Organic Lawn Care Work?

How does organic lawn care work?  This is one of the most popular questions I am asked.  It is complicated, but yet simple at the same time.  The way organic lawn maintenance works is organic fertilizers feed the soil life, which break down the materials and release the nutrients to the grass plant.  For example, in our PureGreen Program we apply materials like alfalfa meal and corn gluten meal.  We use vegetable by-product materials to feed the soil and these nutrients are slowly released to the grass plant.

Some of the big franchises are now offering “organic or natural” programs, but they are just trying to cash in on the “green” trend that is here to stay.  They use cheap manure based organic fertiizers in their programs.  I would rather apply organic fertilizers derived from vegetable by-product to my lawn and soil than manure.

When you purchase Scott’s 4 step fertilizers or off the shelf fertilizers at your local big box store you are more than likely getting what all our competition apply.  A straight synthetic fertilizer that is a quick release “juice it up” type fertilizer.  It doesn’t feed the soil, but only the grass.  It may look good at first, but long term it isn’t good for the plant and eventually the lawn will struggle badly.  It becomes addicted to these high dosages of Nitrogen and uses all its energy in top growth at the expense of the roots.  In the end, you have a weaker grass plant with the need for more applications of fertilizer.  I have been told by new customers that their old company was applying fertilizer up to 10 times per year.  That is just wrong.  No lawn needs 10 applications of fertilizer per year.  Feed the soil with PureLawn Organic Fertilizers and the slow release of the nutrients will having your lawn the envy of the neighbors.

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