Fungus in Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns

Fungus in Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns

Will it ever quit raining?  The fungus in Cincinnati and Dayton lawns hope not.  The hot humid weather paired up with lots of rain equals lawn disease.  We are seeing lawn fungus everywhere.  When lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton cannot dry out between waterings you will see fungus form and spread.  This is what is happening in Southwest Ohio right now.  The hot humid weather we had a couple weeks ago ignited the fungus fire.

How do lawn diseases happen?  There are three factors that must happen for a fungus to present its ugly head.

1)  The pathogens must be present.  Lawn disease pathogens are always present in a lawn.

2)  Weather conditions must be right for the pathogens to thrive.  Unfortunately Mother Nature controls this.

3)  There must be a susceptible plant (grass).  This is the only thing we can control.

4 Ways to Reduce Lawn Fungus

1)  DO NOT water your lawn after 3 pm.  It is best to water during the morning for 60-90 minutes every 3-7 days.

2)  DO NOT water everyday or over-irrigate if Mother Nature is taking care of it

3)  Plant more disease resistant grasses

4)  DO NOT mow the lawn when the grass is wet.  You will promote fungus and spread it.

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