Summer Mowing Tips

Summer Mowing Tips

The temperatures are reaching 90 plus here in Cincinnati and Dayton.  The rain seems to be gone for a little while, so here are some Summer Mowing Tips that will help you reduce the stress on your PureLawn during the nasty weather.

1)  NEVER mow the lawn during the dead heat of the day.  Make sure if you are going to mow your lawn during hot temperatures wait until the late evening or even early morning to cut the lawn.  When you cut the grass you are injuring it with the mowing blades.  This is the case during cool times too, but during the hot months of the Summer it is like throwing gas on a fire if you mow during the heat of the day.  You are doing more harm than good.  You would be better off letting it look like a jungle than mowing it during the afternoon on a 90 degree day.

2)  NEVER mow the lawn short during the Summer.  You are only opening the lawn up to crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and stressing it out from the heat more.  If you cut the lawn at 3-4 inches after being cut it will keep the soil shaded better.  This reduces your need for watering and lowers your water bill.  Mowing high also reduces the amount of weeds and keeps your lawn green.

3)  NEVER mow the lawn when it is wet.  When we have hot humid weather fungus is present in every lawn.  You will be promoting spreading some of that nasty fungus all over your lawn.  Small individual grass blades with a little bit of disease can turn into large patches, streaks, and possibly dead grass if you mow the grass when it is wet.  You will also be tearing the grass blade instead of cutting it because of the moisture on the grass.  This opens the grass blades up to more fungus.

So if you would like to mow the grass when we are experiencing high temperatures with no rain make sure you are:

Mowing in the late evening or early morning

MOWING HIGH (3-4 inches after being cut)

Mowing when it is dry out



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