Late Fall Fertilizer on Lawns

Late Fall Fertilizer on Lawns

It is time for grass to slow down its growth and we have been applying our late fall fertilizer treatments to lawns here in Cincinnati and Ohio.  The grass is going into hibernation for the Winter like the Cleveland Browns offense.

We often get asked what does this final fertilizer treatment actually do for our lawn?  Well, the lawn may be going into hibernation, but the roots of the grass are having a party right now below the surface.

There are 2 Important Late Fall Fertilizer Benefits: 

  1. The Root System is Having a Party – The party is happening in the soil right now.  The roots ordered a DJ, have some adult beverages out, and are going into the Winter with one last dance party.  The energy of the plant is all translocating down to the roots for the Winter.  It seems like the grass has went to sleep for the winter, but that is just the top growth.  Feed the roots directly with a late fall fertilizer treatment.  This is the most important feeding of the season for turfgrass, so help the roots dance with a turf nutrient package.
  2. Spring Green Up – Who doesn’t like a green lawn?  Maybe the Grinch or Brian Kelly.  Wait, aren’t they the same person?  Everyone loves seeing their lawn wake up from the Winter with a nice green color.  This late fall fertilizer treatment has been shown in studies conducted by OSU Turfgrass Research Department to help the lawn green up quicker in the spring compared to a lawn that had no fertilizer applied in late fall.

Here is a link to an article written by the OSU Turfgrass Department:

The Benefits of Late Season Fertilizer

Extra Bonus Lawn Tip

You may only have to mow one more time this season.  Make sure to cut the grass down to 2.5 inches to reduce the chance of snow mold and clean up your leaves.  Large amounts of leaves on the lawn can kill healthy grass.  Remove them from your beautiful Purelawn.

Have a wonderful holiday season and we will see you next Spring!

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