Fall Lawn Tips

Fall Lawn Tips

Football is on TV, leaves are changing colors, and the temperatures are starting to drop.  Fall is here and it is time to put your lawn to bed for the season.  Here are 5 Fall Lawn Tips that will help your lawn stay green and healthy next Spring:

Fall Lawn Tip #1 – Rake/Mow the Leaves – Make sure you are not allowing the leaves from your trees to sit on the healthy grass too long.  It can kill grass if it sits on healthy grass too long.  Rake or mow the leaves up.  Mulching them up with a mower is going to add organic material right back into the soil.

Fall Lawn Tip #2 – Aerate the Lawn – This is a great time of the year to core aerate the lawn.  Core Aeration relieves compaction, promotes root growth, and reduces thatch.

Fall Lawn Tip #3 – Mow the Grass Shorter – We recommend that you gradually cut down the grass height to reach 2.5 inches going into the last mow of the season.  Do not go from 5 inches to 2.5 inches.  Gradually get to this lower cutting height with the last couple mowings of the season.

Fall Lawn Tip #4 – Feed the Grass – Give the grass one last feeding.  This time of the year, the energy in the grass plant is all going down to the root system.  This is the most important feeding of the season.  You will be feeding the roots directly for a strong plant in the future.  It also helps with spring green up.

Fall Lawn Tip #5 – Spray the Weeds – Again, the energy of all plants goes to the roots entering the Winter.  This makes this time of the season ideal for controlling weeds.  Spot spray any trouble areas with a selective herbicide following the label.

Hopefully these fall lawn tips help you create a beautiful lawn to enjoy this Fall and into next Spring.


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