What is Winter Seeding?

What is Winter Seeding?

You may have heard the term winter seeding or dormant seeding.  What is this?  When you perform a winter seeding you are putting grass seed out in bare spots and then allowing Mother Nature to do the work for you.  The freezing and thawing of the ground will actually pull the grass seed into the soil.  The seed then sits there through the cold weather in the Winter and will germinate when the soil temperatures increase in the Spring.

4 Tips on How To Winter Seed

  1. Ideal time to spread the grass seed is before snow comes
  2. Do NOT put down a Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Preventer in spots that you put the seed down – If you do, the grass seed will never germinate
  3. As new grass germinates, feed the new grass with fertilizer in the Spring
  4. Keep foot traffic to a minimum to allow the grass to come in correctly


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