Watering Tips for Lawns

Watering Tips for Lawns

What are the best watering tips for a lawn in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio?  How often should I water my lawn?  How long should I water my lawn?

Lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton do not like when the temperatures start reaching into the 80’s and 90’s consistently.  The grasses in this part of Southwest Ohio are considered cool-season grasses and prefer temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s.  Normally you see lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton go dormant (tan but not dead) during the hot part of the Summer unless you are watering the lawn.  Here are a few watering tips for your lawn if you don’t let it go dormant:

  1.  Water in the Morning – Watering in the evening can promote lawn fungus.  Water before 3 pm.
  2.  Water every 3-7 Days – Watering every day is not good for the lawn.  It can promote fungus and a shallow root system.
  3.  Water for 45-60 minutes – Watering for a longer period every few days will train the roots to dive deeper.
  4.  Water Inclines in Sessions – When watering hills, make sure as soon as you see the water running off to shut the irrigation off.  Let that water soak in for 45-60 minutes and then give it some more water the same day.  This will save money on water and get the moisture to reach deeper in the soil.

The goal for watering lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton is to get the moisture down 6 inches to the roots.  Use a trowel, knife, spade, or some other digging tool to check the moisture after watering.  Adjust your watering time accordingly. 

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