When do I need to get my premergent down by?

Snow in Late March in Cincinnati and Dayton?  What is going on?  People are stuck wondering when do I need to get my premergent down by?  Is it too early or too late?  The weird weather  this Spring has left Dayton and Cincinnati lawn care companies and homeowners adjusting their treatment schedules slightly.  If you have already put down your premergent and are worried it is not going to work because of the strange weather…don’t worry.  The premergent, whether you are using a chemical premergent or a natural premergent like Corn Gluten Meal, is going to work just fine.

Premergents must be put down by a certain time to be fully effective, but this is not based on the calendar.  So is it too late to apply a premergent to your lawn?  No not even close.  The effectiveness of the premergents on reducing the amount of crabgrass and annual grassy weeds is based on soil temperature.  You want to get your premergents down before the soil temperature is 55 degrees.  Another indicator that many use is the blooming of the forsythia plant.  According to Ohio Agricultural Research and Developmental Center the soil temperatures are still hovering around 36 degrees.  We will be fine probably through April and maybe into May applying premergents this year.  This is a little abnormal and it is the complete opposite of last year when it went from 30 degrees air temperature to 80 degrees within weeks.   This made it hard to get the premergents down in the proper time, but PureLawn uses one of the only premergents out there that still works after the soil temperatures hit 55 degrees.  If we haven’t made it out to your property to apply the first treatment yet, we will make it out sometime in April.  There is still plenty of time and we will  make sure you see the maximum benefits from our applications.


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