Why use Organic Lawn Care in Cincinnati and Dayton?

Why use Organic Lawn Care in Cincinnati and Dayton?

Why use Organic Lawn Care in Cincinnat and Dayton?

How Organic Lawn Care is like a healthy diet plan
Organic Lawn Care is a sustainable way to maintain your lawn. It does not create an environment that becomes addicted to high nitrogen chemical fertilizers. Organic Lawn Care is essentially your healthy diet plan whereas Traditional Lawn Care is a diet of fast food and high sugar pop. Eating that Big Mac and drinking a supersized Coke may release endorphins that cause pleasure briefly, but it is not good for your health to eat this every day. Traditional Lawn Care (the fast food diet for lawns) may look good in the short term, but when your lawn is addicted to those high nitrogen chemical fertilizations it develops top growth at the expense of the roots. If you don’t nourish your root system as you do with Organic Lawn Care then the lawn will stress out quicker from drought, insects, and fungus.

How do Organic Fertilizers work?
Synthetic fertilizers feed mostly the grass with only top growth. They juice up the lawn, which looks good at first, but is not sustainable. Organic fertilizers feed the soil life organic matter. The soil life breaks down that organic matter and releases the nutrients to the grass and its roots as needed. It is a slower release of the nutrients with a more steady growth of the grass, but it is more efficient. An added benefit of organic fertilizers is by adding organic matter to the soil while feeding the grass you are improving the soil structure and feeding the soil life.

Why Organic Lawn Care is safer for children and pets?
“Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides 19 have studies pointing toward carcinogens, 13 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 15 with neurotoxicity, 26 with liver or kidney damage, 27 are sensitizers and/or irritants, and 11 have the potential to disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) system”- Beyond Pesticides, www.beyondpesticides.org

Why Organic Lawn Care will save you money?
What will Organic Lawn Care produce? A lawn with a deeper root system with a better soil structure teeming with millions of beneficial soil microbes and earthworms. How does this save you money? It saves you money by lowering your water bill. Imagine how much you would have to water grass growing on concrete to keep it alive? Now imagine how much you would have to water grass growing in 10 inches of dark rich brown crumbly topsoil. The roots are enormous and dive down deep to extract moisture from deeper in the ground. A better soil strucuture develops deeper roots. A stronger root system means less watering to keep the lawn healthy when stresses occur. Organic Lawn Care produces deeper root systems compared with Traditional Lawn Care and this will reduce your watering bill throughout the Summer.

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