How does Corn Gluten Meal work?

How does Corn Gluten Meal work?

How does Corn Gluten Meal work?  In Cincinnati and Dayton lawns, we apply Corn Gluten Meal during a couple of our treatments in our PureGreen Program.  In 1991 at Iowa State University, Dr. Nick Christians patented the by-product from the processing of corn for its premergent weed control properties.  How does it work?  It actually inhibits the roots of dicot weeds from expansion and the plant quickly dies from dehydration.  How well does it work?  As a weed control?  Don’t get your hopes up too high.  As a fertilizer?  Excellent.  PureLawn does not advertise it as a natural premergent because the expectations are unrealistic.  It does help reduce weeds, but many times customers expect Corn Gluten Meal to work as well as chemical premergents.  After 3 years of applying Corn Gluten Meal, you will begin to see it working close to as well as a chemical premergent, but that depends on cultural practices  (mowing high and filling in bare/thin areas with new grass seed) and also whether you are applying enough per year.

PureLawn is happy to use this fertilizer on lawns in Cincinnati and Dayton.  In our PureGreen Program we put down Corn Gluten Meal along with our Custom Blended PureLawn Organic Fertilizers.  We are proud to state that our fertilizers in the PureGreen Program are vegetable by-product based and we DO NOT use cheaper manure based fertilizers like our competitors.

We use only the highest quality products available and our personalized service is unmatched.  Our Angies List Super Service Award in 2012 backs this claim up.  Thanks for your support!


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